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Gi?i thi?u: The principle of life is the same as the principle of gambling. But the time to gamble is short and intense, and the time to live is very long. So people are playing gambling in a different style than life. But the root of gambling is not in the luck, as people think. If you put your life and your family's life in a luck, it is something you should never do.
I would like to say that if you want to play gambling in the future, make it business like. You know the principles of business. In order to earn 1 million won a day, the investment amount will be about 500-1 billion. It is investing 500-10000000000000000000000000000000 or more, and earns 1 million won a day. So I earn 30 million won a month and 360 million won a year. So if you start with 1 million won, you should not try to win 2 million won, 5 million won, 10 million won. If you bring 1 million won, you have to try to win.
--- "Truth is in front of the 온카지노[]

If you have 1 million won
In this case, the target amount is 300,000 won, and the game should be done on the table with the minimum bet amount of 10,000 won or less. Even if you do not have a seat, you must wait until you have a minimum bet amount of 10,000 won or less.
First, the goal is to divide the 300,000 won into three, and the target amount is set at 100,000. In other words, the first game is 100 million won and 100 thousand won. If a person with a goal of 100,000 won wins 50,000 won or 100,000 won at a time from the beginning, the odds of winning are only about 70%. To win $ 300, you have to do two more things like this, so the odds of winning the whole game are about 0.7 times 0.7 times 0.7, about 29%.
Mathematically this may be the case, but in reality it is not the degree of human psychology. Therefore, a person with a goal of 100,000 won should think about winning 100,000 won to die, or approach it safely and carefully with the idea that this is the last game. In fact, it is dangerous for a person with a million won to pay 10,000 won for the first bet, so do not bet on each plate and bet 10,000 won only if a sense of authenticity comes true.
Until I win 40,000 won, I will continue to pay 10,000 won for as many games as I can.

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